September Favourites

What better way to return to the blogging world than with a favourites post, am I right? I’ve been loving a fair few products in September as I got back into the swing of things with work and makeup after being away on an overseas trip, so here they are!


For beauty favourites, I have been obsessed with the Colour Pop Rose Quartz liquid highlighter. This is such a beautiful formula, its light and blends so well on bare skin or on top of foundation. I’ve also added it to my primer on nights out for a super glowy base.


The Marc Jacobs Sugar Sugar lipgloss has been on my wish list for years now, ever since Jaclyn Hill recommended it in one of her videos. I could just never bite the bullet to spend that much on one gloss, or it was out of stock. So when I saw a full stand in Sephora, I handed over my bank card with my eyes shut. And let me tell you, this does not disappoint. It’s the perfect pale nude shade, that I can wear on its own or on top of another lip product. If you’ve been on the fence about this, I can’t recommend it highly enough!


When I ran out of moisturiser overseas the only brand I could find anywhere was Vaseline, so here I am, second bottle down and I am in love! I used the aloe one on some bad sunburn, and have been using the cocoa butter one as my daily moisturiser. It smells amazing and sinks in super quickly.

As a part of my recent health kick, I have been big on fresh fruit (in the past I would honestly barely eat one piece of fruit a week!). Particularly pomegranate (why yes, I did just link a pomegranate). I am yet to master seeding my own pomegranates, so for now I spend an extortionate amount of money on these tiny boxes of deliciousness.


Another beauty favourite is the Body Shop body mist in coconut. It smells so lovely and tropical, and reminds me of my summer holiday as a girl I met wore this religiously. Unfortunately it doesn’t last very long, at least not on me at least, but I get around it by popping the bottle into my bag and carrying it with me,


My work has recently gotten rid of their branded work shirt which meant I basically had to go out and buy a new wardrobe (totally not complaining). These little tops from Forever New (Aspen Double Strap Cami)  have been a staple for me, I bought one in every colour available in my size…yes I am that person. They are honestly perfect with work pants and a cute blazer!


Last but not least, how freaking cute is this fluffy heart key ring from Colette? I’ve wanted a cute little fluffy thing forever now, so when I saw this guy I just couldn’t leave it in the shop.


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