Wish List October 2017

These are one of my favourite kind of blog posts to read, and write for that matter. I am, most unfortunately, not made of money. But this girl loves to window shop!

fenty duo

I doubt there a many wish lists out there that don’t start with at least one thing from the new Fenty beauty range. I picked up the universal gloss on first release, and am now desperately wanting to try the lightest of the highlighter duos.

harry potter

One of my biggest obsessions in life is Harry Potter, so of course when Peter Alexander released a HP collection, I have my eyes on a lot of pieces. Now I just have to patiently wait for a sale…

lush halloween

This years Lush Cosmetics halloween collection looks as amazing as ever and I am definitely going to be picking up a bath bomb or three.

estee vik

Estee Lauder x Victoria Beckham have done it once again with a stunning and new collection. There are so many things on my wish list from this, including the lip gloss and bronzer, however the prices are even more extortionate than ever before. The powder products are around $100 and the primer is $150…madness! A girl can dream though.

clean treat

I have been a big fan/follower of what Ashy Bines has to say (although not always what she does), and her collaboration with Clean Treats is just one of the ways I like to show my support. One of her newest flavours is a take on the bounty chocolate bar which happens to be one of my favourites. The treats aren’t terribly priced at $15 a bag, but the $10-$15 shipping gets me every time.

mecca 0

The last thing (for now) is the Mecca 20 Years collection. There are so many gorgeous pieces releasing soon, but I especially have my eyes on anything from Nars and Hourglass. They are releasing early October/might already be out by the time this goes live. Is anything from this collection on your wish list?

all pictures in this post have been sourced from Google and are not my own

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