Colour Pop Haul

It’s not often I pluck up the courage to pay for Colour Pop’s extortionate shipping prices so when I do, you know it’s for something important. I had my eye on the concealer, and then the powder highlighters and then when the Rose Quartz collection came out I just couldn’t help myself.


I decided on the full rose quartz set, which I later ended up regretting but at least I can give you my thoughts on everything, I only really wanted the liquid highlighter which turned out to be far better than expected (it even ended up in my September Favourites), it is a beautiful shade and formula and I am using it almost every day! However I find the primer spray does nothing for me apart from smell nice, and well I don’t know what I expected from the lip balm but it’s definitely not my thing. They are however all incredibly beautifully packaged and presented.



Next on my hit list was one of the powder highlighters, I went for the beautiful ‘here kitty kitty’ shade and it is perfect. It isn’t super intense or ‘blinding’ but is perfect for day to day wear going to work. I also really like the packaging on this too.


Lastly is the No Filter Concealer. Unfortunately I chose the wrong shades for me and went with numbers 10 and 15, however I think 5 would be perfect for me. When I decide to bite the bullet again I will definitely be picking another one up. As they are the wrong shade for me I can’t comment too much on the formula other than that I have really only read positive reviews so far.

L-R: concealer shades 10 and 15, powder highlighter, liquid highlighter, lip balm

Is there anything else I should add to my Colour Pop wish list?

One comment

  1. Definitely check out the single shadows next time you order! It’s disappointing that the Rose Quartz set wasn’t as good as you were expecting :/ and I’ve really been loving the Colourpop concealer, actually! I thought the shade was too dark but it actually blends in perfectly for me!


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