The Argan Oil That Changed My Life


From time to time I get the occasional PR package, usually consisting of skincare, haircare and makeup. In all honesty I am VERY low maintenance/borderline lazy when It comes to my haircare and skincare so quite often the surprise PR gifts get left unused.

However just coming back from a 5 week trip overseas my hair was struggling and needed some love. So when I got this argan oil from Make in the mail whilst I was away, I decided to take a chance and I put a few pumps of this oil on the ends of my hair towel dried after the shower, and my god how my life has changed. The only way I can describe how soft my hair is, is to compare to the feeling of freshly salon wash and cut hair.

I run about three pumps through the ends of my hair after it has been washed and towel dried and then I leave it to air dry, although im sure you could blow dry it too, and your hair will feel amazing. I cannot reccomenned this product highly enough. I have even gone to online websites where it is sold and rated it, that’s how much I love it.

I’ve been using it every second day sine mid September and my hair is definitely thanking me. If your hair is needing some TLC, please pick this up. You won’t regret it!


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