Kikki K Haul

When I saw Kikki K had a pug (okay cute animal) range called ‘Sweet’knew I was going to get all over that. I even ordered during a 20% off sale whilst I was overseas, if that isn’t commitment to the pug cause then I don’t know what is. I hope that there are some fellow stationery lovers out there who will appreciate this haul!


First up is this note pad which was $14.95. It’s actually a pretty decent size and the pages are easily torn out which is always a plus. I also couldn’t pass up on pug post it notes, oh my goodness these are adorable! I can’t guarantee I will ever actually use these though. These were $5.95.


The magnetic page markers were bought on a whim/a I-need-to-spend-x-amount-of-money to get free shipping, and they were $3.95.

This pug key ring for $16.95 is the most expensive thing I bought (because it is leather made) and I think I am going to put it on my handbag? unsure yet but I will for sure be using this!


Next is the ever so adorable badge, which is going straight onto my denim jacket next to my donut badge! Better yet, this was a bargain at $7.95.

Last, but certainly not least, I needed something to write with on all my cool new stationery…obviously. So here we have a pen covered in pugs *heart eyed emoji*, and this was $3.95.

Let me know if I have any other fellow stationery lovers here 🙂 Still on my wish list is the  pug mug and pencil case, but I am waiting for another sale…okay and the dish too…and maybe the wooden pug. Ugh I just can’t help myself.


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