Christmas Priceline Picks

Priceline has recently released all of their Christmas gifting range and when I popped in to store for nothing in particular I thought I would take a few happy snaps of the things I think anyone would love to receive!

NYX Cosmetics has always been known for their awesome gifts that come out this time of year, this year they have the same mini lip sets as last year (I still have one that I bought last Christmas!) and they also have a beauty calendar! These have been such a huge trend the past year or two, so many companies have been bringing them out, although if I’m honest I’ve always just been a fan of the classic chocolate calendars.

Nude by Nature is another brand that is known for their gift sets, they are usually around year round but they do release limited edition ones just for the Christmas time. My favourite is definitely that beautiful white and rose gold makeup box! If I had a use for it I would have already bought it.


I love giving and receiving mini perfume sets as presents as I think its such a good way to try out a few different perfume scents! I feel like picking a perfume can be super tricky because everyone has different tastes obviously and it is such a personal thing, so giving them a few options to play around with and try out is never a bad thing in my books! This one by Juicy Couture also comes in super cute mini bottles so what’s not to love?

If you have a skincare lover in your life there are plenty of options in Priceline! The mini Essano set is so bloody cute and comes in a pink travel bag, and then the Nivea one I thought was really cool because you get a whole skincare routine and a bonus facial cleansing brush! This might be good for someone that doesn’t really know where to start with their skincare but does want to get into it.


These Models Prefer makeup bag sets are also available all year round but they are seriously such good value for money and the perfect gift! They come in so many different colours and patterns you are bound to find something for everyone, I already have 100 different makeup bags otherwise I would definitely be buying that marble set up top!

Hopefully this helped you find the perfect gift for a Priceline lover in your life ๐Ÿ™‚

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