Mascara Declutter


Is there any better way to start of the New Year than completely clearing out your room? I mean properly going through each drawer, each cupboard, each dusty box that you don’t know what’s inside and actually where did it come from? I don’t remember shopping at Tony Bianco but here’s a pair of heels I’ve never worn and the receipt says I bought them in July 2016 so that’s good….ANYWAY, I thought I would share with you the makeup side of my decluttering spree this week!

Iย had to start with mascaras as my drawer was quite literally over flowing and I recently bought a whole bunch of new mascaras in a set (you’ll see in a haul post soon!) so I had to clear out a heap to make way for new ones. Here’s a little before and after shot too, I find these so extremely satisfying and almost therapeutic in a way.

As you can see I have a lot of mascaras here, like 31 a lot. This is obviously insane for one person with two eyes but in my defence it’s guaranteed to be the one makeup product I wear every day without fail. So…there’s that…


This lot here are ones that have completely dried out or have been used up. They are also the ones I will definitely put on the re-purchase list. Especially the Model Co one. It was recommended by Lauren Curtis and I listen to a lot of Lauren’s advice so I picked it up. I was definitely sceptical because I prefer high end mascaras to drug store but this one is amazing! The other one that was a huge stand out for me was the Bobbi Brown Smoky Eyes Mascara. It was only a mini and the full sized is ridiculously priced but one day I will re-purchase.


This set are ones that I’m getting rid of because they unfortunately didn’t work for me. I’m pretty, okay very, picky with my mascaras so if on the first week of use I’m not loving it, or if I have to layer it with a second one, it’s no good in my books. So do I get rid of them? Don’t be silly, I collect them in my drawer like a maniac #rebelwithoutacause. Not anymore, that was the old 2017 Liv!


These are the full size mascaras I am keeping. Majority I haven’t used yet and are new to me, but the Rimmel Volume Shake is a big stand out for me in terms of a drugstore mascara. I also have a Benefit They’re Real which is my go-to but that is in my car at the moment.


As for minis, again these are nearly all new to me and am yet to open them but I can report back and say I’m being impressed by the Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir and the YSL one with the pink writing in French. Oh and the Too Faced Better Than Sex is also an old favourite of mine.

Start: 31 Mascaras.

End: 18 Mascaras.


  1. Love your blog and how you write! I think we are all victims of hoarding makeup. We love Benefit mascaras and use a lot of Bobbi Brown products, yet to try their mascara though… Might have to be the next purchase ๐Ÿ™‚


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