Boxing Day Haul

My New Years resolution is to be more financially responsible so of course I had to go out with a bang and spend far too big (although not as big as previous years) in the Boxing Day sales. I braved Chadstone after work and surprisingly got a park straight away! There was certainly a lot of rude people and I got elbowed or trodden on more than once but it was so worth it. I love getting amongst the hustle and bustle to find the best deals!


The only thing I actually set out looking for was a little card wallet I could put in smaller bags when my actual wallet doesn’t fit. It took me all of 10 minutes to find this baby and after a brief check with my girls group chat, I went with the plum and rose gold one from Ted Baker. I love that it isn’t a normal colour for me as I usually go for classic black and I can’t wait to use it! It was also 30% off, such a score! I’ve always loved Ted Baker.


I walked past Lush and got immediately sucked into their 50% off sale. This huge box came down to $45! Can you believe that? for 9 bath bombs! I definitely struck gold and it was the last one in store so how could I say no? I also got another bottle of my favourite shower gel which smells oh-so-sweet.


I’ve been big on personalisation recently and also the colour red (side note – totally feel like it’s my new colour) so when Kikki K had an extra % off their already discounted red range, and free personalisation, so you better believe I grabbed whatever I could find! These are so perfect and the foiled letters are beautiful. I’m hoping to keep them together as a set, with my iPad in the case, a pen in the pencil case and the notebook to write down ideas. I want to spend more time writing things down this year so here’s to hoping this helps.


I recently ‘re-pierced’ my ears in hopes I can wear more medium fun earrings. Long story short, I don’t want them to be too fun but I also don’t want them to be boring…hence medium fun. Now that I’ve got these home I think they might be too big for me but I might wear them out one day to see how I go. I got these 50% off at Myers.

My last stop was at 3INA. If you follow me on Instagram @latitudeandlipstick you’ll know I’ve recently stopped wearing SNS/Acrylic nails after 5+ years of back to back sets as my nails were so weak they would crack after the first week. So I’m trying to experiment with new nail polishes. I’ll admit I am shocking at painting my nails but I’m certainly giving it a red hot crack! I got this beautiful coral shade 125 as well as their top coat.



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