Bases Declutter

Okay if you thought I had a lot of mascaras….this one is going to be a long one. I’m going through my primers, foundations and concealers as well as a couple of cream illuminators that found their way into the photos.


As for primers I’m pretty happy with my ‘little’ collection so I won’t be getting rid of many. I’ve got normal to dry skin so most of these are hydrating as you can see. My favourites at the Smashbox Primer Water and the Marc Jacobs Coconut primer (which is extremely similar to the Too Face Hangover Primer).


These one’s I’m getting rid I just found didn’t do much for my skin or were too hard to use (here’s looking at you Zoeva highlighter liquid-ey gel thing – I decided last minute, post first photo to get rid of it!).


Foundations is always something I struggle with, I still don’t feel like I’ve found my holy grail yet but I’m trying pretty hard! I also have two shade ranges because I am a super pale skinned gal that likes to fake tan on the weekend.


The lighter coverage ones I’m keeping are my usual products for the days I feel like shocking my colleagues and showing up to work looking alive. My favourite is the Chi Chi CC Cream (hence the two shades).


These other ones in the bottles are ones I wear when I’m going out-out. I especially love the Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous foundations (again, hence the two shades). The two cushion foundations I am really loving, I think I prefer the Maybelline over the Loreal but I am yet to decide!


As for the bases I am getting rid of, I tried to make them work but they either don’t work for my skin shade (Nude by Nature and Rimmel) or they don’t work for my skin type (Maybelline and Revlon). The two concealer palettes were in my little foundation container and I tried them once but they just weren’t my jam so out they go!


I also own four foundation sticks, and in an effort to us the ABH one more (technically one is a contour shade), I binned the Nyx ones. They were quite good, just not as great for dry skin as the ABH ones I found.


Concealer is another big love of mine, second to mascara I am likely to always been seen with concealer on to cover the fact that I was up until 1AM watching Youtube and Netflix and then my alarm goes off every 10 minutes starting at 6AM in the hopes I’ll get my ass to the gym. SO, the collection is pretty good and again I’m kind of happy with where I’m at.


The ones I’m keeping I adore. The Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous is on it’s very last legs and has been for months so I really need to re-purchase, and is by far my favourite. Opposite to mascara, I much prefer drugstore to high end concealers (so far anyway!).


The ones I’m getting rid of kind of break my heart. The Colour Pop concealer is fab I just bought it in two wrong shades, and the Tarte Rainforest concealer is another goodie but I dropped it and the top of the glass shattered inside.


Three things I later found as I was clearing out the drawer were the Mac Paint Pot in painterly, Becca opal liquid highlighter and Mecca blurring primer. All of which I am keeping as I love them! I only just got the Becca highlighter but I can already tell it’s fast becoming one of my favourites.

Start: 13 primers, 24 foundations, 13 concealers, 3 random finds

End: 9 primers, 15 foundations, 8 concealers, 3 random finds



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