Brushes Declutter


I own far too many brushes for one person to clean (or at least think about cleaning) so I’ve resorted to getting rid of the ones I don’t use. You will notice I buy multiples of things I like.

I had too many to fully capture them all so I thought instead I would just show the ones I am keeping, hope that’s okay… but if not it’s kind of too late so let’s just roll with it?


As for face brushes, you can see I am loving the Models Prefer powder brush and yes I do own three thank you very much. But I quite literally can use this for all face powder products. I can set my under eyes, set my face, bronze, contour, blush and highlighter all by pinching it in different ways! I do also own two of the Zoeva buffing brushes as it used to be go to with foundation and concealer, however now a new kid is in town. The second one from the right which is sold at Woolworths is amazing!



For eye brushes clearly I favour a good blending brush as I kept seven. I also own three Real Techniques under eye setting brushes because I love them for just that. Another favourite of mine is the ABH eye brow brush. It quite literally might be perfection in an eyebrow brush.

A couple that I got rid of include three from the Real Techniques metals range, whilst the packaging and handles were beautiful I just wasn’t using them. I much prefer their original line. I also got rid of a couple of big powder brushes because I was favouring my Models Prefer power brush over them.

Start: 20 face brushes, 32 eye brushes.

End: 10 face brushes, 21 eye brushes.

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