The Balm Nude Beach – My Thoughts


I haven’t played around much with too many/if any products from The Balm, so when I was kindly gifted this I went into it without too much knowledge on the product or the brand itself. I’m still not sure if The Balm are known for their eyeshadows, or any other product for that matter, so in I went with a clean mind (and arm) ready to swatch away.


I was straight away drawn to the colour selection in this palette, I am alllll about a warm-nude eye look so this is a dream for me to play around with. I was definitely more impressed with the shimmers than the mattes in this palette, however when using it on the eyes I didn’t have too many troubles with them. I’m pretty low maintenance with my eye shadow anyway. I did find the lighter shimmer shades to be a bit patchy but again, when on the lids I didn’t notice it too much.


One thing I didn’t love was the fall out on the matte shades, I didn’t realise when swatching but on the eyes they are a lot more powdery than I am used to. Again, not a big gripe with this palette as it just means I have to do my eyeshadow before my base.

Overall I have been reaching of this palette a tonne, if nothing else I use all three warm matte shades in the crease and on the lid, and off I go. So far I believe this is only available from the Beauty Next website, but should be coming to more retailers like David Jones at the start of this year.

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