Beauty New Years Resolutions

This time of year always has everyone thinking about their goals, and what they would like to achieve in the New Year. Whilst I do have a list of personal, professional and health related goals, I thought some of you might find it interesting to see what my beauty resolutions are for 2018!


Invest in a good skincare routine

I’ll be the first to admit my skincare routine is non-existant. And by that I mean I use micellar water to remove my makeup and then I chop and change between different moisturisers and that’s it (along with the occasional face mask of course). So I really want to try create a good little routine for me. Still nothing too crazy – no double cleansing or toning for me! But a nice serum and cleanser should hopefully do my skin wonders. I’ve always been pretty lucky with my skin, I am normal-dry and barely get any breakouts or spots, which is probably the reason why I’ve been so slack with my skin. But this is going to change this year. If you have any recommendations for me, please let me know!


Use more lip products

But Liv, you own nearly 100 lip products? What do you mean ‘use more’?. That’s right kids, I have nearly/probably over 100 lip products (don’t worry – I’ll be doing a declutter soon!) yet on a daily basis the only lip product I wear is lip balm. Madness, right? I really want to experiment more with the products I own. And whilst I don’t see myself straying far from the classic nude, I would like to be brave enough to wear that matte liquid lip or that lipstick without worrying what anyone else thinks.


Learn the art of winged liner

I’m sure I’m not the only one here that shy’s away of using a liquid or gel eye liner on the daily. I get it, it’s terrifying and hard and one small movement or blink and all your hard work is ruined. I’m just always so envious when I see girls out and about rocking a winged liner, no matter how small or big, and I think I want to start incorporating a small wing into my daily look to get myself comfortable wearing it. Because not only is it tricky to do, because I don’t wear liner very often, when I do wear it I think it looks a bit ‘weird’ (same as wearing a matte liquid lip for example, which is something else we know I shy away from). Even if I chuck one one with the most basic makeup look, practise makes perfect, right?

So that’s it from me. I didn’t want too many goals and get overwhelmed, and I think each are easily manageable and achievable. Do you guys have any beauty resolutions? I’d love to know what you’re aiming for in 2018!


  1. I thought *I* had a lot of lipsticks but you make my forty look like a small pile. Will you do a declutter post? My own resolution is to not buy any lipsticks this year! X


  2. Proper skincare is on my list of resolutions too! When I was younger and struggled with breakouts all the time I paid a lot of attention to my skin, and now that it looks fine I got incredibly lazy – and it’s definitely the right time to change that, or I’ll hate myself when I’m 40 for not taking care of my skin in my twenties ^^


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