Maybelline Burgundy Bar – My Thoughts


So last year (it still feels weird to say that), I was lucky enough to attend a Maybelline event run by Mr Maybelline himself, where we spoke about all things new coming to Maybelline this year. The star of the show, however, was the Maybelline Burgundy Bar eyeshadow palette. Whilst the palette certainly looked beautiful, I haven’t had much luck with Maybelline’s previous eyeshadow palettes so I was curious to see how it compared to them.


Safe to say it swatches freaking beautifully. The shimmer shades feel soft and creamy, no chunky glitter here! The mattes were a slight let down, and when trying to use this palette I noticed I was having to go elsewhere for a matte highlight shade, overall the shade range was quite well chosen.

However, on the eyes they don’t perform nearly as well as they did in the arm swatches. I really had to work with the shimmer shades, making sure I used a super tacky base and my finger to apply them to really get the intensity I was after. I have used this since doing my initial swatches but it accompanied another palette and I mainly used this one for a feature lid shade, although even then I couldn’t rely on the eyeshadow to last the whole day.


Overall, I think whilst Maybelline has improved their eyeshadow quality compared to previous palettes, it still misses the mark for me. This should be coming out this month to a Chemist Warehouse or Priceline near you, will you be trying it out for yourself or giving it a miss?

As a side note – I have been using this a work day palette as I’m not one to wear a lot of eyeshadow to work, a little wash of colour over the lids does me wonders so it’s not a complete loss and I will still continue to play around with it.

*gifted, not sponsored*

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