Brow Product Declutter


Compared to my last two declutter posts this one was super easy and quick for me, brows aren’t the be all and end all, and I tend to stick to the same few products so I found it relatively easy to part with about half my collection.


I’ve got three pomade products which I’m keeping as I love them all. Especially the ELF kit is a super affordable brow product, this is actually my second one!


For brow pencils I decluttered basically half my stash, all four on the left from the drugstore just weren’t the right shade for me personally. Although the ABH brow wiz and NYX micro brow are both on their last legs so they will be going in the bin shortly (and I will promptly be re-purchasing the brow wiz! ABH have and always will know. good. brows).


As for brow gels, my absolute holy grail is the ABH clear brow gel which I haven’t gotten around to repurchasing since finishing my second tube. So the ones I’m keeping, on the left, are my second bests until I can get my hands on another ABH. The Essence gel is actually a quite nice affordable option, and I’m still on the fence about the Charlotte Tilbury. The ones I’m getting rid of include the Colour Pop which was far too thick, and the Mecca Max which had a ridiculously large wand for my brows!

Am I missing any of your holy grail products?

Start: 19 brow products

End: 11 brow products



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