Huda Beauty Obsession Palettes – Swatches

img_4245.jpgAs soon as I finished swatching all these palettes I messaged my girlfriends and told them I was ready to chuck out all my other eyeshadow palettes and just own these….so yes, I am obsessed. When buying these I was trying to narrow it down to just one but I couldn’t so here we are.

Important note – I haven’t actually used these on my eyes yet, I’ve literally just swatched them. But I can already tell I am going to love them…they are pigmented without the mattes being too powdery, the shimmers are actual perfection and the shade ranges are so versatile.


The packaging on them feels super sturdy and is a thick, stiff cardboard. I can see them getting dirty easily but that isn’t an issue for me. They all come with a decent sized mirror inside which is also a plus. The names of the palettes are also printed across the top which is so smart as usually when you store palettes they are standing up so you don’t need to hunt to find the one you want to use. I also love the prints on the front too.


Let’s start with the Smokey Obsessions palette. This one has the most shimmers out of the rest and is also the most cool toned. It has a range of brown shades in varying tones as well as a black and a good range of shimmers. This is the one I was most apprehensive about buying but my gal pal Sam talked me into it as this is the one she owns and loves.


The Mauve Obsessions palette, as the name is suggests, is chocked full of beautiful mauve shades, with three shimmers, and a perfect matte base/highlight shade. This is a super girly palette and I think I will get a lot of use out of this one.


The last, and maybe my most favourite, is the Warm Brown Obsessions palette. I have a feeling this might be their most popular shade way, with warm neutral eyes still going strong into the New Year. I’d say it’s only down fall is that there is only one shimmer shade but there is plenty you can do with the other mattes. And what a beautiful shimmer it is!


Again, I haven’t used them on the eyes yet but just by swatching the pigment is right where you want it to be with minimal fall out. I bought mine from Cult Beauty and they arrived in less than two weeks which I was impressed about as I’ve heard some iffy things about their shipping! They ended up being $36aud if I divide the total amount of my order including shipping three ways which I’m not too mad at, I’ve spent more and I’ve spent less on eyeshadow palettes. But for the quality and for nine decent pan size shades I am happy with the price.

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